About Us

Boboyi Business Administrators is a 100% black owned company based in Midrand that is offering business administration services to individuals, small and medium companies around Gauteng.

So far we have 10 casual Administrators around Gauteng that are well experienced on these fields: Financial Administrator, Front Desk or Reception, Office Administrator, Junior Bookkeeper, Creditors Clerk, Cashbook Clerk, Accounts Clerk, Events Co-Coordinator

When running a business, it is easy to forget small details that allow your company to run smoothly. The Administrator will perform a variety of general administrative and clerical services. We will work intuitively to support the completion of the One’s goals and objectives in a professionally and culturally appropriate manner.

Boboyi Business Administrators has the ability to provide any needed service for a client.  Some of the services will be tasks that the client does not have time or staff for.  Other tasks may be things that the client just does not have the desire to do.  Either way, Boboyi Business Administrators will assist clients with a wide range of tasks.

We can help you gain peace of mind and achieve your dreams for the future. I understand that everyone’s financial situation and needs are unique. That is why I can help simplify your plans and time by focusing on the admin side of the business and build a team around your needs and goals.

Our Vision 

To achieve excellence in providing proactive administrative support services to small and big companies around South Africa.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide superior, reliable and personalized service to our clients.